Specialty Services

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Custom Prescription Orthotics

Programs & Assessments

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Therapy
Work Place Injury Therapy
Active Rehab
Return to Work Program (RTW)
Group Interval Training Program
Aquatic Therapy
Fall Prevention Program
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Ergonomic Assessments
Job Site Analysis

Our practitioners are licensed and registered



Are you hurt in a work-related incident?

Mountainview Health and Wellness Surrey partners with WorkSafe BC to provide essential physiotherapy services to individuals suffering from work-related injuries or illnesses. As a contracted provider, we specialize in delivering high-quality care and treatments tailored to address musculoskeletal issues. Our team of expert physiotherapists is dedicated to guiding injured workers through their rehabilitation journey, specializing in orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. With our comprehensive approach, we strive to facilitate a swift return to work and normal life. Simply provide us with your WCB claim number, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring you receive the care and support you need to regain optimal health and functionality.

Why our clients choose us as their Health & Wellness clinic?

Multidisciplinary Clinic

We offer a comprehensive list services so you can get everything you need in one place which promotes continuity of care. Stop going to multiple clinics.

Professional Team

Our team of doctors and practitioners are some of the best in BC. In addition to offering a friendly and relaxed environment we pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of service.

Licensed & Certified

Our practitioners are fully qualified, registered and licensed from the appropriate regulatory and educational institutions.

Clean, Local Facilities

We have two physiotherapy clinics in New Westminster and Surrey. Both offer in-house gym facilities as well as numerous large and clean treatment rooms.

Holistic Approach

We believe in a whole-body approach to health and wellness and emphasis the connection of mind, body and spirit.

We’re Both Teachers and Practitioners

We don’t just offer health and wellness services; we are a teaching clinic and offer student placement and courses on the services we offer.

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

At Mountainview Health and Wellness Surrey our health care practitioners deliver a comprehensive treatment approach. We utilize many different modalities and treatment techniques to help you get back to a regular life. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to give you the highest level of care possible. We create individualized treatment plans formulated appropriately to your capabilities, fitness level, injuries and rehabilitation goals. We emphasize active exercise solutions in most of our rehabilitation services.

With a focus on personalized care and evidence-based practices, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their wellness goals and live their best lives.

Empowering Health, Enhancing Lives: Mountainview’s Promise

Physiotherapy is a treatment for people with a wide range of diseases, some of which may be long-term and some may be temporary. With the facilities and equipment we have at Physiotherapy Center, we can help patients to return to their normal life quickly, successfully and without pain.









Did you know ICBC automatically offers pre-authorized treatments for Motor Vehicle Accident injuries?

What this means for you is increased care in case you are injured in an accident. All you need is your ICBC claim number.

How many treatments are covered?

25 sessions of Physiotherapy
25 sessions of Chiropractic treatments
12 sessions of Massage Therapy
12 sessions of Kinesiology
12 sessions of Clinical Counseling
12 sessions of Psychology
12 sessions of Acupuncture

We are an Approved ICBC Vendor and an Authorized WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Provider.


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Ice therapy offers a readily available and effective way to manage inflammation following an injury, but it's just the first step. For optimal recovery, consider physiotherapy. Physiotherapists create personalized programs to improve range of motion, strengthen muscles, and promote long-term healing – guiding you back to the activities you love. Learn more about physiotherapy and how Mountainview Health and Wellness can help you achieve a full recovery

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Optimizing Health Through Hands-On Healing: The Power of Osteopathy

Delve into the realm of osteopathy and discover its transformative potential for holistic healing. From alleviating chronic pain to restoring balance and promoting overall well-being, osteopathic medicine offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Through hands-on manipulation, personalized treatment plans, and a focus on preventive care, osteopathy empowers individuals to achieve greater vitality, resilience, and quality of life. Join us as we explore the multifaceted benefits of osteopathy and uncover its profound impact on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Exploring the Benefits of Massage Therapy: Enhancing Health and Well-being

Discover the profound benefits of massage therapy as we delve into its therapeutic potential for enhancing health and well-being. From relieving chronic pain to reducing stress and promoting relaxation, massage therapy offers a holistic approach to healing rooted in the power of touch. Join us as we explore the evidence-based benefits of massage therapy and uncover its transformative effects on physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

Unlocking the Benefits of Kinesiology: Enhancing Movement and Function for Optimal Health

Embark on a journey to uncover the transformative benefits of kinesiology, a discipline dedicated to enhancing movement and function for optimal health. From improving athletic performance to facilitating rehabilitation and preventing injuries, kinesiology interventions offer personalized strategies tailored to individual needs. Grounded in evidence-based practice and biomechanical principles, kinesiology empowers individuals to move with confidence, vitality, and resilience, unlocking their full potential for physical well-being. Join us as we explore the multifaceted advantages of kinesiology and its profound impact on human movement and function.

Exploring the Benefits of Chiropractic Care: A Comprehensive Overview

Embark on a journey to discover the myriad benefits of physiotherapy, a cornerstone of holistic healthcare. From alleviating pain and enhancing mobility to promoting overall wellness and preventive care, physiotherapy interventions offer a comprehensive approach to health and function. Grounded in evidence-based practice and personalized care, physiotherapy empowers individuals to regain independence, improve quality of life, and embrace an active lifestyle. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of physiotherapy in optimizing health and well-being for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Our clients are our best advocates. Here’s what they say

“Hello I’m Margaret A & I have always found Mountain View Health and Wellness to have very friendly staff & I feel grateful to have Shirin to help me get better.”

‘Great staff and treatments. All the practitioners are so knowledgeable and have helped me feel back to normal.”

“Gagan is tooooooo good and Akilesh Bharadwaj ji is superb over all experience is fantabulous
Last but not least weird part is they share rest room with Gym that’s a bit ackward”

“The staff are very friendly. Very welcoming environment. their Massage therapists are very helpful.”

“Vary welcoming staff, i always look forward to coming back here. i appreciate ther calls they give the day before and book me in advance to ensure my appointments work best for me. Iv been coming here for a couple weeks now and every appointment has been a wonderful experience. Im looking forward to my recovery ☺️”

“A great place to get physiotherapy, kinesiology,chiropractic and massage. The girls at the front were very helpful and friendly”

“I absolutely love this place!! and how welcoming the staff is and how they greet you before/after your apointment as well as the reminder call I recieve day before my apointment to ensure I wont forget …I also like that they try their best to book you in for same time and days to what’s works best for you. All together this is a great place :):

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